In samenwerking met Springest, bieden wij een aantal trainingen aan. Word een expert in jouw vakgebied en leer de laatste ontwikkelingen en trends toe te passen! Of verdiep je eens in een nieuw onderwerp om kennis, vaardigheden en competenties te verbreden.

Amsterdam Business School - Amsterdam Executive Programme Actuarial Science (AEMAS) : Life Insurance Mathematics
Deze training wordt verzorgd door Amsterdam Business School - Amsterdam Executive Programme Actuarial Science (AEMAS)


After following this course the student:

  • has insights in human mortality models and human mortality data;
  • has knowledge of a general framework for the valuation of life contingent liabilities where cash flows depend on the future lifetime of one insured or multiple insureds;
  • is able to calculate actuarial present values, premium structures and policy values for different types of life annuity and life insurance products;
  • is able to do this type of calculations in both discrete and continuous time for one and multiple insureds;
  • is able to understand and to use the relevant international actuarial notation for life contingent risks.


The course covers the following topics:

  • a general introduction to life contingent risks and related financial products
  • a discrete time framework to value cash flows over time with a discussion of: discount functions, interest and discount rates, actuarial equivalence of cash flow vectors, balances and reserves for a given cash flow vector and prospective and retrospective views
  • the life table, human mortality data and their characteristics, demographic markers, calculating probabilities using the data published in a life table and choice of life tables
  • life annuity products, calculating actuarial present values and premiums
  • life insurance products, calculating actuarial present values and premiums
  • policy values for annuity and life insurance products, a general framework, recursions, and detailed insights
  • working with fractional durations
  • working in continuous time and extending all topics studied before from discrete to continuous setting
  • select mortality
  • multiple-life contracts, the joint life status, the last survivor status, annuities and insurances on multiple lives
  • multiple decrement theory
  • expenses and profits.

Aanbevolen voorkennis

The course recommends a basic understanding (at the level of the first year of a BSc in a quantitative study program) of algebra, analysis and probability theory.


The course is organized as follows: every week

  • two lectures of two hours;
  • a tutorial session of two hours covering exercises;
  • a computer session of two hours with assignments that have to be solved with R.

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